Navigating Special Needs:
Basics of IEPs

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Geared to Special Needs Parents (and anyone interested) who want to learn:

  • How to decipher the alphabet soup of special needs terms, including IEP, 504, IDEA, ODLSS, FAPE, LRE
  • What an IEP can bring to your child’s education
  • How to determine if you should pursue an IEP
  • What is involved in the evaluation process
  • How to best advocate for your child
  • Timeline of the IEP journey
  • Q&A session

Join Chicago School GPS as we help you navigate the confounding and complex world of special needs education in Chicago, and help you become the best advocate for your child.

Chicago School GPS’s Special Needs Consultants, Elizabeth KhoranaMignon Elayda-Fulton, have extensive experience in the special education pathway that is invaluable for parents looking to navigate the supremely confusing world of special needs services.  From understanding evaluations and diagnoses to interpreting plans of action, we can guide families through all that is involved in the IEP/504 process and beyond. Contact us to get started.