I was incredibly impressed with our experience with Chicago School GPS. My husband and I were feeling quite overwhelmed with beginning the school search for our preschooler. While we had a general understanding that there were a number of options available, we didn’t have any real idea of the sheer number and type of schools within the city. In our initial consultation, Grace walked us through the broad categories of options available (public/ private/ charter/ montessori/ selective enrollment, magnets, etc.) but also helped us to understand the educational philosophy behind each. She also explained the various deadlines that we should keep in mind as we begin our search.
I left our meeting feeling as though I had a good grasp on the options available to our son/family. I also felt excited, rather than overwhelmed and stressed, to begin the process.
– Irving Park parents of 3 y.o.

I am so grateful for finding the intelligent, kind and knowledgeable team members at Chicago School GPS. Even though I have lived in Chicago, and have had a child in school in Chicago, for myriad years, I still had many questions when it came to finding the right high school placement (and beyond) for my child. The women I worked with at Chicago School GPS from my first phone call forward, were professional, efficient, warm and they took a no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to giving me the information I needed quickly. I will definitely be working with them again, as needs arise, and I most certainly will “spread the word” of how wonderful Chicago CPS is, in finding the information one needs in order to help answer school placement /other related questions.
– Gold Coast parent of 9th grader who relocated back to Chicago

My son is a diverse learner, and navigating his needs in addition to the CPS system was overwhelming to say the least. Chicago School GPS helped me understand my options and the right questions to ask to get my child the services he needs. I felt so much more confident with Chicago School GPS in my corner!
– Lakeview parent of 2nd grader with recent diagnosis of learning needs

Ginger and Grace were very helpful in guiding us through understanding the process of applying. We had been confused with all the options, but they helped us understand what was possible for our daughter and what the next steps forward are.
– South Loop parents of 7th grader and attendees of Hidden Gems Fair

We had no idea how much we didn’t know until we had our consultation! We attended a webinar but were stunned by how much more we learned in a personalized, 90 minute consultation. They answered all of our questions and made us feel so much more confident about the process.
– Lincoln Park parent of 3 y.o.

The initial consultation left me feeling fully confident in my next steps. The visual materials were amazing, and Grace was so warm and friendly.
– Logan Square parent of 2 y.o.

Chicago School GPS gave us the knowledge base and confidence to find a school that’s the perfect fit for our kids.
– Jefferson Park parents of 4 & 1 y.o.

Thank you so much for your help in navigating our school journey. We felt like we were SO clueless since this is our first child on our options in Chicago. The session was full of content and take aways that we will definitely use for making the first decision for pre-k 3’s & 4’s. We will most likely use your services again before [our son] enters Kindergarten.
– Ukrainian Village parents of 2 y.o.

Standing in long lines for the high school open houses freaked us out.   You helped calm us down and now we realize there are more school options.  Love the way you talked to [our son] to find out what he’s interested in.  You decoded the complicated search and application process for public and private high schools.  The charts and timelines lay it all out for us.
– Wicker Park parents of 7th grader

I hope this helps convey how much I truly appreciate what you all have created.  I have a 7th grade daughter who was anxious and not at all looking forward to high school.  Anytime I would try to have a conversation with her I could barely get any response.  After attending yesterday’s fair she has a whole new excited, open minded, engaged and positive outlook for what high school can do for her and now understands/realizes the endless options.  Thank you very much for your time energy and efforts of what you have created for us here in Chicago!
– 7th Grade Parent Feedback on Hidden Gems High School Fair

We came to Chicago School GPS with a very specific school application process issue for our youngest daughter. The consultation helped us navigate some pre-K/K options and encouraged us to be more flexible and consider all of those options, so we can find the right path for her. Highly recommend!
– South Loop parents of fall birthday preschooler

My wife and I did not understand our options for CPS schools and were very confused about the processes for applying / getting in. Chicago School GPS completely erased this confusion after an intro session AND changed our perspective on how to think about where we live for schools. We were all ready to move to a better school district, but realized we might test or lottery into another school we liked better and location was not necessarily a big factor for that. We also better understood what selective enrollment means, how the process works and how to apply. Our son recently was admitted to our first choice. We are thrilled! Now that we understand the process well we also understand this is not something that can be expected in CPS. At least we understand how these decisions are made and what to expect for our younger daughter when the time comes. The clarity around how CPS works was so helpful and we have since educated many of our friends on this thanks to the guidance from Chicago School GPS.
– Bucktown parents of kindergartner

I’m so glad we contacted Chicago School GPS. I was lost with all the school options and they helped me understand how CPS works. Now, I’m more confident and I know I’m doing the best for my kid’s education.
– West Loop parents of 4 y.o.

My wife and I moved to Chicago from both the east and west coasts. Our understanding of the school application process was limited and we were flying blind most of the time. Grace came to our 90 minute session armed with so much info and so many tools that enabled us to better frame our thinking and proceed on a structured and customized path for our 4yo son.
– Lincoln Park parents of 4 y.o.

Grace did an excellent job in providing valuable information about the schooling options in the City of Chicago for our child. She was able to provide us this information clearly and concisely, using written summaries and information from various sources.
– West Lakeview parents of preschooler

Chicago GPS was responsive and informative throughout the entire process. After meeting with them, I feel like we know a lot more about our options, and education in Chicago in general. It took a lot of the legwork out of researching on our own and they helped us find some hidden gems!
– Bucktown parents of 1 y.o. searching for where to buy a home

I was so happy with [Chicago School GPS]. Grace helped me with understanding the whole process and really helped me to nail down the schools that are the best choice for our son. I would recommend this service to everyone.
– South Loop parent of 4 y.o. and 3 month old triplets

Thank you so much Chicago School GPS! Your consultation saved me! You explained the daunting Chicago preschool application process and made it simple and easy to understand. Grace was wonderful! She was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I would recommend Chicago School GPS to anyone and everyone!
– Streeterville parent of 2 y.o.

Grace was incredibly helpful in helping us understand our various options and answering specific question we had about particular schools and our overall approach. Thank you Chicago School GPS!
– Palmer Square parents of 3 y.o.

I felt so lost with all the school choices prior to meeting with Grace at Chicago School GPS. After our meeting I am more confident and have a path that I need to follow in order to choose the right school for our daughter.
– Lakeview parent of 2 y.o.

This group was very knowledgeable with both evidence and personal knowledge. They were candid and honest about options and made the process completely understandable. I felt so much less stressed by the process after meeting with them and throughout the entire journey Grace and her team were available for help and input.
– Public Group Session attendee of 5 y.o.

Thanks so much for having the session. It was very informational and encouraging! The presenters were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns. They calmed my emotions because at that point I thought that I had failed my daughter. I would recommend Chicago School GPS when going through the hectic process.
– Public Group Session attendee of incoming Kindergartner

Your professionalism, warmth, and friendliness made applying to school so much less stressful than it needs to be! Thank you for your assuring tone, the information you gave during the session, and the follow up as well!
– Relocated to Chicago for work w/5 y.o.

I was so impressed with a quick consultation I had with Grace! She was responsive, organized, thorough, extremely informative and efficient in helping me finalize our CPS applications. The session was packed with invaluable information including a few excellent suggestions to maximize the acceptances suited for our location & goals. I would definitely do it again.
– Express Consultation client & Group Seminar attendee w/4 y.o.

We only wish we had found you sooner! The conversation was relaxed and frank and we appreciate the perspective.
– Lake View parents of 4 y.o.

We recommend Chicago School GPS to every parent who needs a crash course on Kindergarten and Elementary School (public or private) and the CPS application process.
– River North parents of 4 y.o.

The information and assistance I received from Mignon was above and beyond my expectations.  Being a single parent, the CPS process seemed overwhelming and daunting.  Mignon and the entire Chicago School GPS team put me on the right track.  The amount of information they provided me with and their knowledge of the entire CPS process was amazing.  If it was not for Mignon and Chicago School GPS I would never have gotten my son placed in the pre-school I felt was best suited for him.  I will definitely continue to seek help from Mignon and Chicago School GPS throughout my son’s education.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance!
– Dunning Square parent of a 3 y.o. w/special needs

I thought the session was excellent. Very informative. I walked away feeling much better about the CPS process. I think we could have kept you there another hour! I would definitely like to know more and am planning on doing the personal consultation with my husband. Thanks so much for your time!!
– Private Group Session attendee, parent of 3 y.o.

Chicago School GPS was very informative in navigating school options and helping us prepare in advance for what preschools are looking for. They were proactive in finding answers and guiding us through the steps of how to approach the application process. Their service is a must for parents looking to optimize their options in the city.
– Lakeview parents of 2 y.o. & infant

The information and guidance that I received during the consultation were beyond my expectations. Very informative, helpful, clear, extensive to the point of being proactive for the near and far future. Should have done this long ago, it would have saved me lots of time and stress. I am happy I have access to such professional advice and I would definitely do it again at each important step of my son’s educational journey.
[Follow-up after school notifications]My son got an offer at the RGC school that was not on my list and you added it!  He also got 2 magnet school offers from the list you helped me prepare.  Thank you sooooooo much!
– North Center parent of 3rd grader

Wicker Park is going through a transformation and Chicago School GPS helped my husband and me learn what that may mean for CPS options in our neighborhood as our toddler approaches kindergarten. Chicago School GPS provided a comprehensive roadmap of the school options in Chicago, application processes, and admissions chances. Figuring this out on our own would have been virtually impossible!
– Wicker Park parents of 18 month old

We had a great meeting with Grace. She was extremely organized and informative. We felt much more relaxed about the school selection process after our visit.
– Bucktown parents of 2 y.o. and infant

We had picked our preschool, which was 7 miles away based on perceived reputation, before meeting Grace with Chicago School GPS. After our 90 minute consultation, we took her advice and visited our neighborhood preschool during the summer as well as an open house during the school year. We were pleasantly surprised! After doing more research and meeting the principal, we enrolled our son in our neighborhood preschool. He likes his new teacher. We’re equally thrilled! No complaints since the commute is now 10 minutes instead of 30 each way! Thank you Grace and the Chicago School GPS team!
– Near South Loop parent of 4 year old

We were both so impressed with your knowledge of the CPS/Private school system.  Thank you for helping us to begin navigating this important decision.  Your approach and manner of discussion was calming, direct, and to the point.  We both enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you.
– Streeterville parents of 1 and 4 y.o.

My husband and I recently had a session with Chicago School GPS and I can not recommend them enough.  We (like many parents) find the whole school process overwhelming and had no idea where to start.  Chicago School GPS was able to help us narrow down our list of possible schools by learning more about us, our son and what we were looking for in a school.  We ended our meeting with a good idea of what we needed to do–what schools we want to tour, when we need to apply, etc.  We both feel so much more informed and less stressed about this whole process!
– Humboldt Park parents of 4 y.o.

[Chicago School GPS] was able to navigate the session to all of the important points we had to cover despite being interrupted by our sometimes off-the-track questions. You were also very reassuring that all will end up OK in the end, which was what we needed to hear!
– Lakeview parents of 4 y.o. & 6 month old twins

I thought Grace was fabulous and super helpful – gave us a great overview and also answered all our questions!
– Humboldt Park parents searching for where to buy a home

Chicago School GPS graciously and pleasantly delivered well beyond what I expected. My questions were answered with thoroughness, patience, sincere concern, support, and ‘good’ reality. I gained knowledge and insight customized for us. My contacts with them were valuable, and resulted in me having a relief of what decisions we wanted to make for high school choices. I am glad that I contacted them.
– West Side parent of middle schooler

In the complex world of CPS, Chicago School GPS’s consultant was very helpful in explaining the process to me, and providing me with the tools necessary to understand how things work.  I feel confident now and fully understand what my rights and duties are.  Can’t thank them enough.
– Avondale parent of 6th grader

The initial consultation was great, and Grace did an excellent job providing an overview of the high school application process and choices, as well as specific information on select schools we were particularly interested in. We highly recommend Chicago School GPS !
– Lincoln Square parents of 8th grader

We wanted to thank you for a very informative Hidden Gems High School Fair!  We came home with so much good information and both boys were impressed with the schools they met.  I am so glad I am on your email list because you really do all the navigating in this whole crazy high school process!
– North Center parent of 7th & 8th graders

You were able to personalize our consultation to fit exactly what we needed.  It confirmed that we were on the right track and gave us ideas to improve our son’s options.
– Forest Glen parents of 8th grader

Knowledgeable, professional and courteous consultants. Our 90 minute initial consultation was most very helpful.
– Parent of 8th grader relocating from overseas

Chicago School GPS helped our family better understand the opportunities possible for our future HS student. The entire process from identifying schools, programs, testing and the multiple applications seemed very overwhelming. After our initial consultation with Chicago School GPS, our family is more confident and better prepared to begin this journey by learning of some additional possible opportunities worth exploring.  In addition, it is a comfort to be more informed regarding evaluations and the process.
– Irving Park parent of 8th grader

I wanted to let you know how useful your [Chicago School GPS] night was a few weeks back.  I soaked up all of the information and learned a lot.  I really appreciated the format in which you delivered the info, and the no-nonsense clarity of all of it, even on such a confusing and complicated topic as the high school application process.
– Gold Coast parent of 8th grader

To have someone who has evaluated all the school options and present them based on an individualized profile of your child has proven to be invaluable for our search for a great high school that really fit for our child.
[Six months later, for younger sibling interested in ACs]:  Thanks for the follow up!  The session provided exactly what we needed to answer our questions and get started.  Thank you so much.
– Albany Park parent of 8th grader (and follow-up for younger sibling)