“What’s Next?
Decisions After Notifications”
Chicago’s Public & Private Elementary School Edition

Elementary notifications typically come out in February-March.
Private independent and parochial schools notify as early as February.  

CPS first round notification letters were released in late March.
Waitlists move throughout spring and summer.

Contact Us for more information regarding “Next Steps” in your elementary school journey.

We can help PreK and Early Elementary Parents (and anyone interested) who want to learn:

  • How to choose the best fit if we received multiple school offers
  • What do we do now if we received no offers
  • Should I continue to apply?
  • How do I prepare for success in elementary school?
  • What are my public & private school options if I missed the deadlines?
  • How to determine when to switch schools
  • Q&A session

Let Chicago School GPS help you figure out “What’s Next?” upon hearing notifications from the Chicago elementary schools.  Whether you have a range of options or none yet, we can help you make sense of next steps to maximize success in your elementary school journey.