CPS 2019-2020 ES Notifications on 4/22/19

CPS Elementary notifications will come out on April 22 via the Go.CPS.edu portal or if you applied on paper, via mail. This includes first round notifications for the 4 magnet preschools, hundreds of elementary open enrollment, magnet, magnet cluster and several selective enrollment schools including Academic Centers. Good luck to all!

Round 1 Offers

APRIL 22, 2019

Round 1 – Offers Posted

MAY 6, 2019

Round 1 – Accept/Decline Deadline

MAY 10, 2019

Round 1 Waitlist Process Opens


Waitlist Accept/Decline Deadline

If families do not receive news of offers or missed the application deadline of December 2018, there is another opportunity to apply via an “End of Year Application” process. The programs on this application still have space remaining after the first round of selections. Typically the most popular programs are filled prior to this application.

End of Year Application

MAY 22, 2019

End of Year Applications Opens

MAY 29, 2019

End of Year Applications Closes