CPS 2019-2020 Applications Now Open (and CPS Tiers Changed, too!)

From now until Dec 14, 2018, you can go to www.go.cps.edu and learn about applying to CPS programs from Preschool to High School.  The applications are open and you can apply to schools and schedule testing or admissions screenings until the December deadline.

Lots of helpful info at the following links:


Elementary FAQs

High School FAQs

Remember, you can apply for up to 6 Selective Enrollment (test based) schools but must rank your choices and you will get a single offer.

You can also choose up to 20 non-selective (now called “Choice Programs”) lottery schools but elementary has no ranking and multiple offers while high school you do need to rank and it is single offer.

Families are encouraged to apply online at https://cps.schoolmint.net/signin but should first read the helpful info at https://go.cps.edu/

Remember, if you are new to CPS, you need to first get a Student ID number HERE.  Then you can apply to schools and schedule testing dates online after that.

Good luck on your CPS applications for 2019-2020!

Note: CPS Tiers also change each year on October 1st, so check your tier by entering your address at https://go.cps.edu/search.  They can go up, down or stay the same each year.