Chicago’s Gifted & Classical School Options: What’s Best for Your Child?

Saturday, April 28 from 10am-noon
Illinois Institute of Technology, 10 West 35th Street, Chicago
$15/attendee, pre-registration required


This event helps parents of PreK through 5th graders learn how to successfully navigate the CPS application process and get a jump start on preparing their child for the CPS Gifted and Classical and academic center admissions tests. This event is designed to assist parents who want to get a competitive start on preparing their child for an academically gifted program the upcoming school year.

Learn what you can do now to help your child’s future!
If you are a PreK – 5th grade parent who is seeking school options and test prep resources that best fit your child’s needs please join guest speakers:

Grace Lee Sawin – Chicago School GPS (
Lemi-Ola Erinkitola – Educator, Critical Thinking Specialist (

At this event parents will learn:
How to successfully navigate the CPS application process
What’s the difference between Gifted and Classical schools?
What are the new classical schools opening in Chicago?
What are some tips for academic center test prep?
How does testing differ from other grade levels?
What are the pros and cons of various gifted test prep methods?
What teaching resources should I use if my child is learning multiple languages?
How can I register my child for test prep (Critical Thinking Boot Camp for Kids?)
What strategies work best for parents of multiples?

Discounts!!!!!  All attendees receive a discount on Chicago School GPS’s Initial Consultation
Test prep workbooks for sale

Registration is required. Adults only please!
Seating is limited!